My 50 Pound Weightloss Transformation

My 50 Pound Weightloss Transformation

One of the many questions I get asked is “Why did you go vegan?”.. and my answer is not really straight forward. So I transitioned to a vegan diet around December of 2016. I was a meat-eater for the majority of my life. Whenever I was a kid I simply ate whatever was given to me. However, I was never a huge fan of meat. I would eat the bare minimum of it, and at the end of my meal I would give someone else in my family the meat I did not want. I simply just much preferred carbs and veggies. I never really considered going vegan though.. it was not until my sister recommended that we do a vegan ‘challenge’ for a few weeks just to see how we feel. In my head, I thought “Well heck yeah!! I get unlimited carbs- I’m totally down!!” (If you can’t already tell, I am OBSESSED with carbs). So, we both started the short ‘challenge’ for a while.

I was absolutely loving the major carb loading and did not think about being vegan for the ethical reasons. One day, during our challenge, my sister told me about the movie ‘Earthlings’ and how it documented the meat industry. We paid the small fee and watched the movie. And I can tell you that my heart truly broke when I watched the movie, and my eyes filled with tears as I watched these helpless animals lose their lives. It was not until that moment that I realized how ashamed I was to have consumed innocent animals for so long.. ‘Earthlings’ really opened up my eyes to how much harm consuming meat and dairy has done to our environment and how much it affects us as people.

I think we tend not to realize that in order for people to consume meat we must first take the lives of unwilling animals. Can you imagine the fear and terror that has to be going through their bodies as they’re hauled off and slaughtered for consumption?? It was this thought that made me decide to stick to veganism for ethical reasons. It is absolutely possible to get all of our daily vitamins and nutrients from plants. And the added bonus of following a plant-based diet is a vast amount of energy! The 50 pound weight-loss was also a pretty nice touch too!

So, that is why I stick to a vegan diet. I am a natural lover of carbs and through veganism I have learned to love food again! I am free from worrying about the amount of calories I consume and can have fun recreating some of my favorite dishes with a vegan twist. My energy levels are so much higher and I eat more intentionally than I used to. Going vegan has honestly brought me so much joy! I know personally that going vegan was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and I’m so grateful for my sister suggesting that we try it so long ago. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today on this amazing journey.  ♥

Peace and carbs,


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